Scrip or gift certificates from Smart & Final, Costco or Von's
Large (4 lb.) cans of tuna
Large (6 lb.-#10) cans of cheese sauce
Large (#10) cans of vegetables
Large (#10) cans of beans (pinto, kidney, chili and baked)
Large (#10) cans of spaghetti sauce
Elbow, penne or small piece pasta
5 lb. boxes of Uncle Ben's Instant Rice
Salad and salad dressing
Creamy peanut butter & any kind of jelly

All donations are tax-deductible, including ads, business cards and subscriptions.

STUDENTS!  We welcome student groups of all ages and we can arrange classroom speakers or projects where youth can learn and launch their own initiatives.  Put a decorated can or bin at your school for clothing or backpack donations.  Make sandwiches for a days distribution or plan a day to serve a meal and list it on our iEat Food Calendar.

If you have time to donate, we are always looking for volunteers ...

with two (2) hour blocks of time available to:
Make sandwiches
Prepare a salad
Cook a pot of pasta, chili, stew, etc.
Pick up bread and muffins
Pick up fruit from the produce market
Go shopping at Smart & Final
Wash containers & pans
Number plates
Wash and sew donated clothes
Help with informational flyers (design and duplication), and
...other things we haven't even thought of yet !

Site Updated: April 11, 2015 

H.O.P.E. and Making Change have been serving the homeless in Santa Monica since 1994.

In the Spirit of HOPE... please call (310) 801-3411 and ask for Moira.  

All donations to H.O.P.E. 
                               and Making Change... 
are tax deductible contributions

Make Checks Payable to....
Friends of Choices

Please specify which project or purpose
(by name or description) you would like your donation to enhance in the instructions to the seller.  

H.O.P.E./Making Change...
POB 235
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0235
888-0235 (google phone)

801-3411  Moirahope[at]HOPEmakingchange.net
(928) 246-1635 Jennafer streetnews[at]HOPEmakingchange.net

                                    Our Fiscal Sponsor 
                                Friends of Choices


Anyone can volunteer two or three hours to table on the Third Street Promenade to round up volunteers for the H.O.P.E. project or to distribute Making Change... to vendors, email us if you are interested.